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Why Soapbrows Is The Best Brow Kit To Get Perfect Eyebrows Naturally

You've seen your favourite professional make up artists talking about it, your friends talking about it, even your nan is talking about it! But what is Soapbrows and does it really keep your eyebrows in place…??


Who and What is Soapbrows?

Soapbrows is the brainchild and hero product of Donna and Kim, a mother-daughter duo from Durham, in the North East of England. Kim is a trained make up artist who was struggling to find a product that gave full, fluffy, natural brushed up eyebrows which actually stayed in place. After trying lots of brow gels, brow pomades and brow waxes, Donna and Kim came up with Soapbrows; inspired by  the old Hollywood trick of using soap on brows, Soapbrows is specially formulated for use on the brows (unlike a bar of soap, which can be harmful) and housed in a handy makeup bag-friendly tin.  

Donna, a skincare and cosmetic enthusiast became interested in the formulation of such a product and after putting their heads together and experimenting, Soapbrows was born in Donna's home kitchen.  


What is IN Soapbrows?

We know what you are thinking and you'd be right...there is soap in Soapbrows! It's a glycerin based product but that isn't all. Donna and Kim both live as organically as possible, so there aren't any harsh chemicals in the formula and we don't do nasty preservatives. Because ewwww.

Unlike other bathroom soaps, it is fragrance free and unscented. Scented products can be harsh to the skin when left on. There are very few foaming agents in Soapbrows, so you won't get that lovely lather you get from a bathroom soap and we don't used bulking agents or added colours either! Where hand soap is designed to remove bacteria and be washed off, Soapbrows is formulated specifically to leave on the skin!


How is it made?

Now we aren't going to give away trade secrets but we can tell you each tin is lovingly mixed, hand poured, and left to set at WBCo. HQ! It is then polished rigorously by our lovely Gwen, the gran of the office and head of quality control.



Who makes it?

We do! West Barn Co. create all of their products by hand, from designing products to mixing, testing and packaging. It's not easy but someone has to do it...(we love it)


Who uses it?

We certainly don't like to brag but it is testament to our little white tin that we have some of the elite makeup artists using it in their kit; from the unbelievably talented James Molloy to the sensational Patrick Ta! Our products have graced the beautiful faces and brows of Sophie Turner, Perrie Edwards, and Queen Bee herself. No, we aren't kidding...


How do you use it?

You will need;


A spoolie

A mist or fixing spray (the WBCo mists have been formulated for best results) 

Spray directly into the tin and gently rub the spoolie into Soapbrows, getting plenty of product. Brush through your brows up, and don't be afraid to be a little vigorous! Then work with the soap to create the brow shape you want, whether you are looking for a natural brow, a fluffy brow or something more groomed.



Use your finger to remove any excess product and flatten the brow hairs to the skin at the same time.  



How can you get your very own tin?

We are chuffed to hear you are interested in getting a slice of the bushy brow pie! If you would like to purchase your own tin, you can click here or feel free to have a perusal around our website at all of our beautiful skincare products.


Did you know?

We are extremely focussed on protecting the environment in all we do at West Barn Co. and that goes from recycling at HQ to the products themselves. Soapbrows is currently completely plastic free, from the tin to the packaging and everything is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable!



Do you have any Soapbrows tips? We'd love to hear them below and feel free tag us, using @soapbrows, in any Insta pictures of your beautiful Soapbrows!