Do You Prep Mist?

    Prepping your skin is an essential start to any successful makeup routine. Not only does it help with makeup application but it also helps to keep your makeup looking its best for longer, and keeping the general health of your skin on top form. More hydrated skin is much better equipped to deal with everyday weather and pollution which threaten to damage skin. 


    The WBCo Prep Mist can also be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine. Apply a few sprays over your face after cleansing and toning to rehydrate your skin before applying serums then moisturizer. An easy rule to follow with skincare is to always apply lighter products before moving on to thicker ones to allow each product to have its maximum effect.


    Hydration is a key step for everyone. Keeping your skin hydrated can help prevent both the extremes of dry skin and oily skin, both of which can be the cause of breakouts and acne. Oily skin can in fact be caused by dehydration so it’s just as important to hydrate oily skin as it is for dry skin! The WBCo Prep Mist is the perfect start to any routine, with a different scent for different results.


    Coconut - dry skin.

    Contains a higher concentration of glycerine which helps to produce a glowy and hydrated base.


    Peppermint -  tired skin.

    Contains peppermint hydrosol which is cool and refreshing. 


    Watermelon -  oily skin.

    Contains witch hazel, which tones the skin and tightens pores.