Why You Need The Original Soapbrows®


    Soap Brows® is a browsoap that was inspired by the old Hollywood trick of using soap on your brows to create a fluffy, natural brow style. Because our founders, Kim and Donna, were not too keen on putting hand soap on the delicate skin around the eyes, they set about creating Soap Browswhich does not contain any harsh chemicals or nasties that may irritate your skin AND it is officially registered as a cosmetic product. Hurrah for natural ingredients!

    It has been used by some top professional make-up artists working on tv/film sets, red carpet, fashion and editorial shoots and it's a celeb fav too.

    Soap Brows is a personal product and can be used in many different ways but always with the same result - fierce, styled brows that make you feel beautiful.

    We recommend using our specially formulated Prep Facial Mist to activate your Soap Brows, to get the best results (and they smell delicious)