The Unique Brow Brush You Didn't Know You Needed

The Unique Brow Brush You Didn't Know You Needed

Our one-of-a-kind Brow Brush is an absolute must have if you love to style your brows. It's beautiful, lightweight and compact meaning it's easy to throw into your bag for those important touch ups throughout the day. 



What else is special about the Brow Brush?

  • The brush is a bespoke design, created in house by members of the WBCo.® team.
  • The spoolie end can be gently bent to fit into the tin and is ideal for separating and coating brow hairs with Soap Brows®.
  • The flat end serves to get any browsoap at the sides of your little white tin, and distributes product on the brow, pushes the hairs flat against the skin AND removes any excess. Multi-tasker or what?
  • Yes, it is plastic but it is pretty damn sturdy so assuming you don't trap it in the car door or throw it in a puddle of mud, it should last a good while.
  • You can easily wash your brush by running it under warm water and manipulating the bristles to get rid of any residue.


What people have said about The Brow Brush so far...


 Still not convinced? Check The Brow Brush out in action! 



Ready for The Brow Brush to change your brow game?


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