Top Tips for Your Autumnal Skin Prep Routine

Top Tips for Your Autumnal Skin Prep Routine

The season of cosy jumpers, dark lipsticks and pumpkin spiced everything has arrived and we have major autumn feels. As we start to feel the change in temperature, it's important to know how this will affect your skin and what you should do to make sure you stay clear and glowy throughout the colder months.



As temperatures drop, so does the humidity which means the air is drier than in the balmy summer months. Your skin can lose moisture a lot more quickly so it's a good time to review your current cleanser. If it tends to leave your skin tight and dry, it may be worth considering changing to a creamy cleanser, that will help you retain those important natural oils. 


Our Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser is made with castor oil meaning it is super gentle at lifting dirt and bacteria from the skin while tackling hormonal breakouts and balancing natural oils. Plus it comes in this gorgeous aluminium bottle and a refill option is coming very soon!






Loss of moisture can sometimes lead to flakiness which can be difficult to tackle, and make applying makeup a little more tricky. A good but gentle exfoliation can remove dead skin cells that build up, leaving you with a clear, glowy complexion.


Our super soft, textured organic cotton and bamboo cloths are the perfect way to exfoliate your skin while avoiding redness and irritation. Perfect for the most sensitive skin, a cloth comes with our Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser, or you can buy a pack of three!





This is such an important part of skincare, and even more so when the mercury drops. If you don't already have an hydration boosting serum in your prep routine, get one! It will help your skin retain its barrier against the elements plus will help avoid dry patches and flakiness. Treat yourself to hydrating sheet masks once or twice a week and pop a facial mist in your bag for a hydrating spritz throughout the day!


Have you tried our Essential Restore Serum? It's water based meaning it absorbs really quickly into your skin and gives a delicious amount of hydration all the while preventing collagen and elastin degrading! Double up with our Prep Mists which are perfect to pop in your bag when you are on the go, and come in three delicious flavours; coconut, watermelon and peppermint.



Just because the sun isn't shining as brightly, doesn't mean it isn't there so be sure to keep applying SPF before you leave the house. Your future self will thank you for it.
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