Our Brow Range is Complete! Introducing our Brow Pens, Pencils and Pomades.

Our Brow Range is Complete! Introducing our Brow Pens, Pencils and Pomades.

After a very long wait (caused by the global pandemic amongst other things) we are beyond excited to announce that our BROW PENS, PENCILS AND POMADES are here.

We have worked extremely hard to collect samples, test and decide on which products we wanted in our range that reflected our ethos, values and love of brows.
And well, we think we did a pretty good job.


The names of the shades were chosen to reflect the North East of England, where WBCo is based, renowned worldwide for its ship building and industrial heritage.

Shade names like SAND, CLAY, BREW, ROOTS and COAL are a nod to the culture and history of towns and cities in the NE that many of the staff at WBCo have grown up in.

We want to show that part of our individuality as a brand because it's something we are really proud of.


What makes them so special?

T H E   B R O W   P E N

  • A fine brush tip to create realistic hair strokes, achieving a detailed and controlled finish.
  • It doesn't have a reservoir (or a cotton core) like most brow pens, as these dry out more easily.
  • Made with a pigment-based formula which does not turn to green but holds the colour and stays vibrant for longer.
  • Works harmoniously with Soap Brows allowing you to create exceptional brow styles.

T H E   B R O W   P E N C I L

  • The chosen shades are all cool toned to suit most brows.
  • Soft enough to easily transfer product to brows without being too soft and crumbly that it drops or smudges easily.
  • The sleek aluminium outer casing makes it easier to control, feels heavier and is more luxurious compared to other pencils on the market.
  • Works beautifully with Soap Brows to give a soft, fuller looking brow that lasts longer.


T H E   B R O W   P O M A D E

  • The formula is waterproof and VERY long lasting.
  • All pomade shades are cool tones, to avoid unnatural looking brows.
  • Very pigmented so you only need little product meaning the pot lasts a long time.
  • Can be used in multiple ways to create different looks from a sleek, groomed brow to a fluffy full brow.
  • Glides over Soap Brows, giving you full control over your brow shape and style.






R E A D Y   T O   C O M P L E T E   Y O U R   B R O W   R O U T I N E ?


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