How To Remove Your Halloween Make Up and Avoid Breakouts

How To Remove Your Halloween Make Up and Avoid Breakouts

Happy spooky season! 

We love dressing up and Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with makeup but it's important to make sure that you clean your face thoroughly to avoid clogging up your pores and upsetting your skin.


How To Remove Your Halloween Makeup

Your skin goes into repair and restore mode at night so removing makeup is so important. If your skin is clean, your pores can breathe and better work to heal and renew your complexion.

  • First thing is first, cleanse your skin. We would recommend starting with an oil-based cleanser to break down the layers of makeup sitting on your skin. Take your time and really massage the product in, being extra gentle around your eye area. 
  • Now double cleanse! Once you have broken down and removed the makeup, now it's time to cleanse your skin again to get rid of any residual product. A creamy cleanser would work best as they don't strip your skin of natural oils while removing any dirt or bacteria. 
  • Make sure to include your hairline and around your ears when you're cleansing. 
  • Don't use baby wipes as they don't remove all of your makeup! They take what ever is on the surface of your skin but don't clean out your pores and can dry out your skin.
  • Follow-up with your usual skincare routine, and be generous with your moisturiser as your skin might be feeling a little thirsty.
  • If you do find yourself breaking out, our Hydro-Dots will calm and protect your blemishes to give your body time to heal.

 It doesn't have to take long so don't go to bed without thoroughly washing your makeup off or you could end up with a pretty scary breakout.




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