5 Things You Didn't Know That Could Cause Breakouts

5 Things You Didn't Know That Could Cause Breakouts

Sometimes breakouts are just unavoidable.

You can have the best skincare routine in the world but no matter how hard you try, you might find you breakout every now and then. There are so many factors that could contribute to blemishes appearing on your face, take a look at our face map below.






This might sound obvious but dead skin cells, bacteria and oil can build up on your pillowcase within a few days. Depending how much time you spend in bed (there is no wrong answer to that) you might want to consider changing your pillowcases every two to three days. Cotton is a breathable fabric which helps minimise the transfer for oil from your skin and silk is even better as they don't absorb as much moisture. Plus they feel UNREAL. 



This one was a bit of a surprise but it kinda makes sense. Smartphones are COVERED in bacteria which can be transferred to and from your face several times a day. Have a look for phone-friendly cleaning kits or solutions, and make sure you clean your phone screen as often as you can.


Makeup Brushes

CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. Dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria so every time you use it, you are covering your face in gross germs that are looking to break you out. Clean brushes mean a clean face and your makeup will go on so much better!


Food Allergies

If you have lots of redness, irritation and swelling around your mouth and chin area, you may have an unidentified food allergy. Keep a food diary and document what you eat when your skin flares up and you should be able to work out what is causing the reaction. 


Hair Care Products 

These products, although many of us cannot live without them, tend to be quite thick and oil-based meaning they are likely to block pores particularly around the hairline. If you have lots of little white bumps around your hairline, consider giving the products you use a break and searching for alternatives. Make sure to remove any residual product from things like pillowcases, hats, hairbands and caps otherwise it will take a lot longer to clear. 


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