Did You Know This About Your Brows?

Did You Know This About Your Brows?

Okay so if you know us, you will know we are HUGE brow enthusiasts and love all different styles, colours and shapes. Why are we so obsessed with eyebrows I hear you say? Well not only can they enhance your natural features, it turns out they are pretty useful in other ways too...



Eyebrows aren't just there to be pretty, there is a functional reason why we have brows that taper out towards our temple so that any sweat and rain can be diverted away from our eyes to protect our sight. Pretty nifty eh.



Shocked? Angry? Sad? The people around you can tell by your brows. They are a huge part of human expression, micro expressions and communicate your emotions without you having to say a word.  


...And of course, aesthetics

Finding the right shape to style your brows for your face can instantly lift and brighten your eyes. When styled in proportion to your face shape, brows can enhance your natural beauty to flatter and balance facial features. We are the only creatures on earth with brows against bare skin. 

In the film and fashion world, eyebrows had become a unique calling card. Witness Audrey Hepburn’s dark, straight brows, the thick and sultry arches of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, or Frida Khalo’s defiant uni-brow. Sophia Loren shaved her brows and drew them back in using excruciatingly detailed strokes. All of them were instantly recognizable.

Check out our Iconic Brows Series we shot with Nikki Wolff, Luke Pluck Rose and Sarah Brown...

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