Seasonal Skincare Tips and Tricks: The A/W Edition

Seasonal Skincare Tips and Tricks: The A/W Edition

With autumn nearly over and winter right around the corner, you may have noticed some changes to the moisture levels in your skin. While this is pretty common for lots of people, there are things you can change in your routine to give your epidermis a helping hand as the mercury drops.


What Actually Happens To Your Skin When It Gets Cold?

Okay so I won't get too scientific but to help combat drying skin, it's good to know what is causing it in the first place.

Cold temperatures and low humidity result in dry air which can draw moisture from your skin, particularly the upper layer called the epidermis. Harsher weather conditions like cold wind and frost, plus the fluctuation in temperature from exposing your skin to indoor heating and hot baths/showers, can make moisture retention even more difficult. 


What Can You Do?

  • There is little better than having a long soak or shower to warm up on a cold day but if you want to avoid your skin from drying out, turn the temperature down from hot to warm/lukewarm water. 

  • On the topic of showering, make sure to pat your skin when drying off, rather than rubbing. Leave your skin damp and apply your body moisturiser immediately after to lock in that all important H20.

  • If your usual facial cleanser tends to leave your skin a bit dry, consider switching to a more creamy cleanser so that you can retain those important natural oils that will help keep your skin hydrated. Our Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser is oil balancing, rather than stripping so is the perfect winter cleanser.
  • Don't be afraid of oil. It can be something people who have particularly oily skin will avoid but a good dry oil applied before bed will hydrate your skin while you sleep. If you want to really up the ante, apply a water based moisturiser first which will absorb into your skin and then follow it up with oil to lock in that hydration. Check out our brand new Glow Oil to add to your winter skincare routine.

  • If you are really suffering from dry skin (that isn't eczema or psoriasis - always consult a medical professional on treatment for those conditions) look out for an emollient which tends to be thicker and usually petroleum or oil-based. If you are prone to breakouts, stick with a water-based moisturiser and don't be afraid to apply it more than once. Your skin will thank you.

  • We don't get as much Vitamin D from the sun in the colder months so consider upping your intake through supplements and vitamin D rich food like fatty fish, cereals, orange juice and eggs.

  • Wear sunscreen! So the sun might not have his hat on but he is still lurking amongst the clouds. The only way to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays is to get that sunscreen on. 

  • Mist yourself. To get that boost of hydration throughout the day, particularly if you work in an office or find yourself somewhere with air conditioning and indoor heating, use a facial mist to keep that dryness at bay. Our Prep Mists are made with organic aloe vera and are the ideal size to pop in your bag or on your desk at work. 


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