The Perfect Pre-Christmas Party Skin Care Routine

The Perfect Pre-Christmas Party Skin Care Routine

Joy to the world, the festive season is in full swing and that can only mean one thing - the work Christmas party.

You've got the outfit, you have your lift home worked out and your nail appointment is booked but have you thought about your skin care?

We know that there is already so much to think about, surely you can just slap some make-up on and go right? Wrong. The right skin prep routine is so important when it comes to applying make up and if that is how you are rollin' for your office Christmas party, then you gotta prep.


Lucky for you we have the perfect routine to help you create the best canvas for your Christmas party look, whatever it may be.


1. Cleanse

First thing is first, start by cleansing your face. The winter months can really dry out skin, so it is important to take stock of the cleanser you are using, as some can strip natural facial oils. Our oil-balancing Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser contains castor oil which gently lifts away dirt and bacteria, whilst protecting the skin from dehydration. It also contains fresh-scented lime oil which tones the skin so you can skip that step and avoid any further drying. 


2. Exfoliate

A key step in removing any dry or dead skin cells that may be hiding your glow. Make sure you exfoliate the skin gently in order to remove any build up but avoid being too harsh and irritating your skin. Our Organic Bamboo and Cotton Cloths are super soft so are perfect for sensitive skin, while the texture allows for that all-important exfoliation. The cloth can be used to remove the Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser, meaning you are cleansing, toning and exfoliating in two easy steps.


3. Treat

If your skin is taking a bit of a beating from the harsher elements of winter, you should consider an extra step into your skin prep routine. Shop around for a face mask or serum that is designed to treat your specific skin problems, as well as giving you a little time to relax before the evening's festivities. 


4. Moisturise

Your moisturiser is your skin's best friend and will help your makeup to sit a lot more seamlessly on your face. Don't be afraid to apply more than once, letting your  skin drink up all of that hydrating juice. Our  Active Infused Day Cream is so chock full of  moisturising ingredients, it is criminal. We incorporate delicious mango butter which is so moisturising for the skin and magical marine algae that has been proven to restore radiance, a welcome benefit in the darker months.


5. Prime

Priming the skin before you apply makeup is a must but there are a few things to look out for with primers. Silicon-based primers tend to enlarge pores due to silicon's large molecular structure, and it is water-resistant so any water-based make up isn't likely to have much lasting power over the top. If you are looking to smooth out the texture of your skin, water-based is in the way to go. Our Smoothing Primer with Hyaluronic Acid is a firm fav with lots of tv and film make-up artists because it sits so beautifully under make-up and actively works to tighten pores. The hyaluronic acid will keep your skin hydrated while you dance your socks off - we can't guarantee it will keep the rest of you hydrated though, that's up to you.


Bonus step - Mist

This is an optional step that will really boost your hydration levels and freshen your face before you begin your make up application. 



Your skin should be prepped, primed and glowing, ready for you to start applying your make up or have you feeling confident to rock the no make up look!



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