The Ultimate Glowing Skin Gift Guide 2021

The Ultimate Glowing Skin Gift Guide 2021

As the chaos of Christmas shopping fast approaches, we all want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the season by getting on top of our gift buying early... 

Looking to help your friends and families skin glow this Christmas? Take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide, designed to help you purchase the best skincare products for your loved ones.

Glow Oil £28
The new kid on the block has made quite the impression and we aren’t surprised. With its beautiful packaging, this super hydrating dry oil will add a touch of luxury under the tree and is guaranteed to make anyone glow this festive season.

Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser from £20
Our refreshing and uplifting oil-balancing facial cleanser is ideal to give your family and friends their own luxurious self-care session daily! It’s bog myrtle ingredients contribute to the tightening of pores and reduction of spots, making this THE gift for someone who needs help with oil balancing or hormonal skin breakouts. 







Organic Cotton and Bamboo Cloths Pack £12
Our pack of three super soft and gently exfoliating bamboo cloths are brilliant to gift to someone with sensitive skin. 

3 Pack Prep Mist Set £36
Do you want to give someone the gift of a hydrated and dewy complexion this Christmas? Gift them our hydrating prep mist set for just £36 (or just £15 each) and help them stay refreshed and alert throughout the day! Infused with aloe vera, our mists keep your skin actively hydrated whilst also doubling up as an activator for our iconic Soap Brows- it’s a win win!

WBCO. Starter Kit £45
Our WBCO. Starter Kit is a great way to spoil someone special with a taste of some of our hero products! This fabulous kit includes a Soap Brows, a Prep Facial Mist, our Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser, an organic cotton and bamboo cloth, a bamboo spoolie AND a super cute and handy wash bag

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Written by Bronte Geldart
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