To Prep Mist or Not To Prep Mist? That Is The Question

To Prep Mist or Not To Prep Mist? That Is The Question


To Prep Mist or not to Prep Mist? That is the question.

The answer is always yes, but let me explain a little more about what a Prep Mist is and why you should use it.


Why is it so important to prep your skin and how can the WBCo Prep Mist help?

Prepping your skin is an essential start to any successful makeup routine. Not only does it help with makeup application but it also helps to keep your makeup looking its best for longer, and keeping the general health of your skin on top form. More hydrated skin is much better equipped to deal with everyday weather and pollution which threaten to damage skin. But don’t forget to always wear SPF too!


The WBCo Prep Mist can also be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine. Apply a few sprays over your face after cleansing and toning to rehydrate your skin before applying serums then moisturizer. An easy rule to follow with skincare is to always apply lighter products before moving on to thicker ones to allow each product to have its maximum effect.


Hydration is a key step for everyone. Keeping your skin hydrated can help prevent both the extremes of dry skin and oily skin, both of which can be the cause of breakouts and acne. Oily skin can in fact be caused by dehydration so it’s just as important to hydrate oily skin as it is for dry skin! The WBCo Prep Mist is the perfect start to any routine, with a different scent for different results.


So why choose the WBCo Prep Mist?

All of our Prep Mists contain glycerine which helps to attract moisture from the environment and living skin layers below, actively hydrating the skin. They also contain organic aloe vera which helps to soothe irritated, dry, or sensitive skin. It's rich in anti-inflammatory minerals and is therefore great for any skin sensitivity.


The WBCo Prep mist is available in three different scents, each of them containing slightly different specific skin loving properties;


Coconut - Contains a higher concentration of glycerine which helps to produce a glowy and hydrated base. It’s great for anyone with dry skin.

Peppermint - Contains peppermint hydrosol which is cool and refreshing. It's great for anyone with more oily skin.

Watermelon - Contains witch hazel, which tones the skin and tightens pores. It's great for anyone with tired skin.


The WBCo Prep Mist has also been specially formulated to activate your Soap Brows. Just add a couple of sprays into your tin and rub with a spoolie or The Brow Brush to create the desired paste to apply to your brows. And ​ta-dah​ the fluffy brows of your dreams!


The Science Bit

Our understanding of skin and how best to take care of it is ever evolving and the importance of hydration has never been more clear. Despite water being essential to skin health on the inside (you should drink at least 2 litres of water a day), water on its own can actually be pretty damaging to the skin on the outside.


A logical thought process would suggest that water would absorb into the skin and leave it feeling hydrated, but the truth is actually the complete opposite. Now water on its own isn’t as damaging as ingredients such as alcohol, but it can leave the skin dehydrated - ever noticed how tight your skin feels when you get out of a hot shower or directly after you’ve washed it? Hot water is especially damaging to your skin, as the water evaporates more quickly off your skin and takes a lot of your skins’ natural oils with it, so using cooler water is always advisable. Harsh soaps or cleansers can also dry the skin out excessively, so a gentle cleanser is always advisable such as the WBCo Bog Myrtle and Lime balancing Cleanser. But replenishing that lost moisture is the best way to keep skin hydrated and healthy.


Damp skin is much better at absorbing products than dry skin and is also more receptive to the active ingredients contained in the Prep Mist, and in other hydrating products. Damp skin allows moisturising products to permeate much deeper into the skin, increasing the benefits of the product. So by using the Prep Mist, and dampening your skin you are leaving it much more able to absorb the skin loving goodness not only in the Prep Mist itself, but in every serum, moisturizer and other product you apply afterwards. Occlusives, such as oil, in your moisturizer can also help to seal in this moisture, leaving a hydrated base for makeup.


What’s the difference between a Prep Mist and a setting spray?

Prep Mists;

  • These are great for prepping the skin for makeup applications as they contain skin loving
    ingredients that will nourish your skin. They help to create the perfect base for
    moisturizer and makeup, but can also be used to blend layers of makeup together.
  • They can be used to help foundations appear more seamless and less cakey on the skin
    for a more natural look. Just spray your face immediately before applying your
    foundation and blend blend blend.
  • They can be used over the top of makeup for a refreshing ‘pick-me-up’ throughout the day.

Setting sprays;

  • Are applied at the end of makeup application and are used to lock makeup in place.
  • They are formulated to keep makeup looking fresh and help it last longer.
  • They often have a high alcohol content which can be damaging and drying for the skin. Using anything containing alcohol on your skin will dry it out by stripping the natural oils away and therefore is damaging to your skin.


Do you need a little bit convincing? Okay go on then...

The WBCo Prep Mist is about to be relaunched into new packaging that we are super proud of! It’ll be housed in a beautiful and handy glass bottle that’s not only recyclable, but also perfect handbag sized. The glass bottle contains 30ml of product and we’ve also created a recyclable aluminum refill option so you never have to run out!


Can’t wait for that? Don’t worry, you can still get your hands on some right now. We’re giving you a free prep mist with your Soap Brows purchase* - ​Yay!


You can buy your favourite scent of the WBCo Prep Mist below... or you know, try all three and pick a fave for next time!

*while stocks last

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