What Professional Makeup Artists in the UK Need To Know About Returning To Work

What Professional Makeup Artists in the UK Need To Know About Returning To Work

As the makeup industry are waiting to be given the green light to get back to work, we know that working in the industry certainly won't be the same as before Covid hit.

Because of the proximity that professional makeup artists work with clients, there must be strict and robust measures in place to protect the artist, the client and anyone else in the vicinity.

We have read through the guidelines set out by the Government and summarised what you need to consider/prepare for in order to return to work safely, but please make sure that you read the guidelines yourself and if you have any further questions, you can check out The British Beauty CouncilThe National Hair and Beauty Federation or your creative union for more information. 


Before you start

  • Review your kit - are there products in your kit that you have used before the Covid-19 outbreak? If you cannot thoroughly sterilise these, throw them out!
  • Are your tools sterilised? Do you have your disposables like spoolies in your kit? 
  • Sanitise all hard cases and compacts thoroughly.
  • Have you got access to soap and water? Stock up on hand sanitiser!


Your Space

  • Is your workspace sufficiently ventilated? Fresh air is better so get those windows open where possible. If you have ventilation systems, crank them up and make sure to be changing the filters more frequently.
  • Consider putting signs up to ensure it is clear to any visitors which way to enter/exit, where to go for the bathroom etc. One way systems work well where there may be more than two people present i.e. shoots, film sets etc. 
  • Pop some signs up encouraging good hand washing practices in the bathrooms.
  • Make sure that you frequently sanitise surfaces and objects that are touched frequently, such as door handles and light switches.


Your Clients

  • Make sure that they do not bring anyone with them to the appointment to avoid overcrowding.
  • Encourage them to sanitise (or even better, wash) their hands on arrival and before they leave.
  • If they have experienced any symptoms or have any doubt that they may have Covid-19, they should stay home and self-isolate. You can rearrange the appointment for a later date.



  • Wear a visor! This will protect you and your client. Make sure you clean it thoroughly and frequently throughout the day, after each client.
  • Avoid skin to skin contact - we know this can be difficult but if you can wear gloves, please do so.
  • If you are working on set and have to be in close proximity to any other workers, try and keep a consistent pairing system. Pick a buddy!
  • Space out your appointments to leave plenty of time so that you can do a thorough clean down of the area and sanitise any reusable equipment after each client.
  • Wear a mask


We know that it has been a tough time for lots of self employed makeup artists but with these measures in place, the industry we love can get back to doing what they love!


Useful links;

UK Guidelines for close contact services

The British Beauty Council

The National Hair and Beauty Federation 




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