Why You Should Be Using a WBCo.® Prep Mist

Why You Should Be Using a WBCo.® Prep Mist

Facial mists are definitely having their moment in the beauty industry and we can see why!

They are handy, refreshing and make you feel just that little bit extra when you are spritzing your face.
The question is how do you choose which facial mist to invest in? Well, we are going to give you a few reasons why you should pick our mini-but-mighty mists to pop in your bag.


West Barn Co. Facial Mists

1. Our Prep Mists were formulated specifically to activate your Soap Brows®, forming a paste that you apply to your brows for that stellar brow styling power. We don't recommend using water as you run the risk of introducing bacteria to your tin and reducing the life of the product, and if you are going to use a setting spray, just be aware of the alcohol content as it can dry out your skin. Our facial mists have natural preservatives that mean no nasties are getting in your tin plus they are hydrating!


2. We are huge fans of multitasking, so while the facial mists were made for use with Soap Brows, they are certainly not a one-trick pony. All three mists are made with organic aloe vera which means that they are all hydrating to the skin. Perfect for when your face is feeling a little dry or thirsty. 


3. We know what you are thinking and you can absolutely use them over makeup, they won't disrupt your look. In fact, we actively encourage you to use the facial mists both before and after you apply makeup! It hydrates and preps the skin for application and reduces movement post-application, particular if you use loose powder.


4. Each facial mist is formulated slightly differently with different ingredients for different effects. For example;

  • The Coconut Prep Mist contains vegetable glycerin which illuminates the skin to create that perfect dewy glow and is great for dry skin
  • The Watermelon Prep Mist contains witch hazel which tones the skin and tightens pores
  • The Peppermint Prep Mist contains peppermint hydrosol to cool and refresh the skin and helps with oily skin


5. What you decide to use them for is completely up to you. These facial mists are perfect for keeping cool on holiday, freshening up when travelling or for a daily spritz when coffee just isn’t enough.

Want to get in on the WBCo. Prep Mist action? 


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