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    The Most Precious Thing in the World Is Time, How Do You Want To Spend Yours?

    Mother and Daughter, Donna and Kim, are the founders and girl bosses of West Barn Co, an ethical skincare company based in the heart of Durham's industrial landscape. Both women are rich in knowledge, experience and creativity that makes West Barn Co. what it is today. But how did this all come about?



    Where It Started 

    In November 2016,  Kim was working as a make-up artist on a photoshoot and wanted to try something a little different to the groomed brow look that was trending on Instagram, to create a 'natural, brushed up, fluffy brow'. Frustrated that none of the brow products she had in her kit would hold such a look, Kim was inspired by the old Hollywood trick of using soap to keep the brows in place, but was extremely reluctant to put hand soap on her client's faces.


    Mother and Daughter Dream Team

    At the same time, Kim's mam, Donna was extremely interested in organic skincare and formulation, producing samples for friends and family members delivered in a little brown paper bag. Kim asked Donna if it was possible to create a product similar to soap but that was suitable to wear on the face, particularly around the eyes. What Donna didn't know was that her answer would change their lives completely...


    The Brow Product That Broke The Internet

    Soapbrows was born and with it came opportunities the ladies didn't think were possible. Spending all of their money on small aluminium tins and painstakingly hand pouring each product, news of Soapbrows exploded on social media and, as it gathered momentum, Donna and Kim needed more staff. They took on their first staff member in June 2018, working from a tiny office in Donna's house to get orders out to an ever growing customer base. Donna formulated more skincare products and soon they found themselves needing more space and more hands on deck.


    West Barn Co.

    Donna and Kim signed a lease for WBCo. HQ in December 2018, and to date, there are 11 staff members working in fulfilment, shipping, manufacturing and marketing. The company ships internationally to over 100 countries and the mission remains unfaltering - that everyone who comes into contact with West Barn Co. and its products, from suppliers to customers, will benefit.