How It's Made

    At West Barn Co.®, we are incredibly proud of our products and how they are made. From formulation to fulfilment of orders, we make sure we use the best of the best and that we keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. 

    Type of Ingredients

    The types of ingredients we use include butters, waxes, oils, emulsifiers, hydrolats, active ingredients and carefully selected preservatives, which are all derived from plants, vegetables and herbs.

    We like to be honest about what we put into our products and while preservatives are important in maintaining quality and protecting products from bacteria, we do our very best to make sure they aren’t harmful.

    Where we can, we spend a little more to make sure that we contribute to suppliers who believe in protecting the environment and producing quality raw materials.

    The quality of ingredients is a big focus for us, and it took a LOT of research to find the right suppliers. We were very keen to check environmental and sustainability policies before signing up to do business with any particular company.

    Sourced Ethically

    We are in touch with a handful of suppliers who provide us with the ingredients we need to create our products. They were more than happy to provide us with their eco-credentials, which show exactly what they do to be as kind to the environment as they can be.

    We believe animal cruelty should be eradicated and so do our suppliers. They don’t partake in any activity involved in animal cruelty.

    We source our lovely hand woven Bamboo and Organic Cotton Cloths from Genesh and his family. Genesh, his wife Anitha and their three children all live and work on their organic cotton farm in Kerala.

    Meet the Manufacturing Team

    Our manufacturing team are some of the hardest working people we’ve ever known. They are extremely meticulous and only put out their very best work.

    Firstly, we have Donna who is one of our Co-Founders and chief formulator. She is in charge of making all of our skin prep products including the Bog Myrtle and Lime Cleanser, the Smoothing Primer and the Active Infused Day Cream so you have her to thank for your gorgeous skin. She is also one of the fastest Soap Brows® pourers in town.

    Next up is Becca, our Manufacturing Supervisor and resident tough cookie. Becca coordinates what needs making when and organises large shipments to our distribution clients. What this woman doesn’t know about quality control is not worth knowing.

    Baby Bex is one of our Manufacturing and Fulfilment Assistants and an absolute beast when it comes to organisation. She likes to make Soap Brows quickly and efficiently so if you are making with her, you better bring your A game.

    Rifah is our Under-Graduate Cosmetic Scientist and the fiercest mist-maker around. Want to know about the diverse global legislative and regulatory framework surrounding cosmetics and perfumes? Rifah is your gal.

    Jemma is our latest Manufacturing and Fulfilment Assistant but by no means the least. This lady can polish tins like she has four hands and used to work in retail, so she is as cool as a cucumber under pressure.