Friends of WBCo: An Interview with Nikki Wolff of @nikki_makeup

Friends of WBCo: An Interview with Nikki Wolff of @nikki_makeup

Here at WBCo.® we love making new friends and one of the first we made was the talented and gorgeous Nikki Wolff! Nikki has been a huge supporter of the brand from the beginning and we are very proud to have her as a brand ambassador. 

Nikki Wolff interview with West Barn Co., original creators of Soapbrows

For those who aren't familiar, Nikki is a freelance makeup artist who has been working in London and internationally since 2003, shooting to makeup artistry fame with her stunning ability to enhance natural beauty. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire as well as working with brands like Olay and Pantene.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Nikki despite her busy schedule...

Hey Nikki, we are so happy to be catching up with you. We saw you recently hit 1 million followers on Instagram, what an incredible achievement! You must be so proud?

Thank you so much, I'm just honoured that there are that many people interested in what I do and great that I can share my passion with so many people.


We are IN LOVE with your #SundayTutorial and watch it religiously to get some tips. Can you tell us about one makeup technique that has changed your life?

Soapbrows® has changed my life - it creates and holds textured brows like no other product on the market and it's an essential step to my makeup routine and every look that I create.


We love that you love Soapbrows. Can you tell us about your favourite place you've worked?

Home! I travel so much with work and I get to go to some incredible locations but I love working from home filming my Sunday Tutorials and sharing my favourite products and tips, with my creature comforts (my favourite candles and fresh flowers) all around me.


What advice would you give budding young artists who are wanting to work towards editorial and red carpet work?

Don't be afraid to experiment because that's the process to find your niche or style that you work best with and once you do, focus on that because true passion always shows through.


You seem to travel a lot for work. Do you ever get home sick and how do you manage that?

I really do get home sick and I love my flat so I really miss it there - I always pack my own pillow, a silk sleep mask and a candle when I travel so I have a piece of home with me.


You're such an inspiration for so many makeup artists out there. Who has been your inspiration in the makeup world?

At the beginning of my career and still to this day I was incredibly inspired by Alex Box art. There is so much inspiration to find online nowadays and I take a lot of inspiration from creative, artistic makeup artists.


You have worked on so many dream faces. Do you have a dream face you would like to make up? If so, who?

Beyonce! No explanation needed - she's the queen!

We couldn't agree more. Thanks again Nikki for taking some time to catch up with us and answer some of our questions.

Visit Nikki's Insta at @nikki_makeup and get inspired!



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