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The original Soapbrows, the natural fluffy brow soap by West Barn Co.
The original Soapbrows, the natural fluffy brow soap by West Barn Co.
The original Soapbrows, the natural fluffy brow soap by West Barn Co.


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Why You Should Use This Product

Just in case you haven’t heard about this little old Hollywood-inspired wonder, Soapbrows was created to style brushed up eyebrows. Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or you are rocking that bushy look, you can get fluffy brows using Soapbrows.

How To Use

Grab your favourite WBCo. Facial Mist, the beautiful bamboo spoolie that comes with your kit and your lovely little white tin. One spritz is more than enough because you don’t want the product to get too wet. Use the spoolie to gather some product, until it becomes quite tacky then coat your brow hairs. Leave for a minute or so then go back and shape. Now reach for your phone and take a selfie because your brows are killing it!

Don’t fret if you feel like the product isn’t working for you - it can take a little time to work out how much product you need to set your brows in place. Practice makes perfect.

Perfect For

Anyone with eyebrows. Seriously.

Rach’s Top Tip 

‘If you have particularly stubborn brows, use a spoolie to brush the hairs downwards to coat them with the product before brushing back in place to style!’

Handmade With Care

Do you know we make all of our products by hand? We only use the best of the best when it comes to ingredients, which are all plant or vegetable based (shout out to our vegan pals)

We are huge lovers of all furry, scaly, slippery, hairy and downright creepy critters so we are completely against animal testing. 

Being environmentally friendly is 100% our jam and that means all of our current packaging is either reusable or recyclable. 


Aqua, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Sodium stearate, sodium laurate, propylene glycol, sodium oleate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, Butyrospermum parkii butter, sodium cocoate, sodium palm kernelate, cocos nucifera oil, glyceryl laurate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium citrate, citric acid, sodium thiosulfate, trisodium sulfosuccinate, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate


Every single Soapbrows is lovingly hand poured by members of the West Barn Co. family and although we try our best, sometimes we can't avoid the bubbles! Don't worry though, they won't harm you or your brows.

You may find minute specks in your tin as these are naturally occurring within the ingredients but they won't affect your Insta-worthy brows!

Because we whisk, pour, mix and stir all of our products by hand, they may vary in colour from batch to batch.