Say Hello to Brow Elixir

Say Hello to Brow Elixir

Well well, looks like our Brow Boost has had an outfit change! 

For those of you who aren't familiar with this product, this brow enhancing serum is chock full of magical brow feeding ingredients and will have you boasting about your bushy brows in no time! 

However the older packaging was a little tricky to use so we set out to find something just as eco-friendly but a lot easier to use and ta-da!

Our amazing design team came up with this gorgeous glass bottle with applicator meaning applying your Brow Elixir is more straight forward than ever and it is the perfect size to pop in your wash bag. We are in LOVE.

The Brow Elixir can be bought on it's own or as part of our Brow Saver Kit!


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