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  • Top 5 Skincare Products He Steals From You and Thinks You Don't Know

    Okay, we are just going to call you out gents! You think we don't notice that the shower gel we just bought last week is more than half gone ...
  • If You Can't Drink Your Water, Eat It!

    There are lots of ways to help you remember to drink water; from slick apps with reminders to sleek bottles designed to help you drink more often s...
  • Why Everyone Is Talking About Soapbrows!

    You've seen your favourite professional make up artists talking about it, your friends talking about it, even your nan is talking about it! But what is Soapbrows…??
  • Five Ways To Reuse WBCo. Containers That You Need To Know About!

    After much deliberation about what we should start off with, it made sense to begin by talking about something we are extremely passionate about here at West Barn Co. Read on to find out exactly what that is!