Frequently Asked Questions


    Yeah, well they certainly won’t foam up if you get caught in a downpour.

    Hmmm, you can but we don’t recommend it. Water isn’t known for its setting power not to mention you could be introducing bacteria into your little tin. Our mists have a few friendly preservatives meaning no nasties are getting past them.

    Good question! There are a few significant differences that make our little white tin so much better to use on your brows than normal hand soap.

    Soapbrows is a registered cosmetic product that has been specially formulated to be worn on the skin which means it contains clean, clear, gentle ingredients. Hand soap was created to remove bacteria and dirt before being washed off, which means it’s tough and some soaps contain dehydrating, drying and/or harsh chemicals.

    Depending on your brow stubbornness, we could be looking at all day. The good thing is the tin is so handy to carry around, it is easy to give your brows a top up, should they need it.

    If you are going to be filling in your brows with a pomade, brow pen or powder, we would suggest using them after you have used Soap Brows, especially if you are looking for those killer hair strokes.

    It most certainly can. The castor oil works to gently lift away anything sitting on your skin, including makeup. We do recommend a double cleanse if you are going to use it to take your makeup off first.

    We are proud to say that they are. We only use the very best of plant-based ingredients to formulate our products and we are certified by the Vegan Society.

    We get it, we aren’t the first skincare company and we won’t be the last. While we believe there is enough room for everyone in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a company that strives to create extremely high standard brow and skin prep products, fit for professional make-up artists. Don’t worry if you aren’t a pro make-up artist though, we want our products to help you feel the very best version of yourself and give you that confidence boost you deserve.

    WBCo. products are specifically for personal use! Please don’t sell them on your online store or our legal team will get very upset. If you are looking to be a stockist, you can contact our wholesale and distribution team here.


    If you are experiencing trouble placing an order with us, we may not ship your area or country just yet. You can submit your shipping requests here

    Orders will not be processed if your billing address does not match that of your issuing bank. Double check and make sure you are inputting the correct info and if you are and are still experiencing problems, get in touch by emailing

    You will get an email as soon as your order has been shipped and if you have chosen the tracked option for delivery, you will get a tracking number so that you can watch your WBCo. parcel travel all the way from us to you. Exciting!


    We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Shopify Pay

    First things first, you need to check that all of the information you have put in is correct. The billing address must be the same as the address the card you are using is registered to.

    You may need to speak with your bank but don't worry, we'll be right here when you get things straightened out.


    We currently ship to the UK, USA, lots of mainland Europe and more! Check out our shipping page to see if your location is on there!

    We are constantly adding new destinations to our shipping all of the time, so don't be disheartened if we don't ship to you just yet. Chances are, we're working on it. 

    We are a pretty small team, but we aim to ship orders within 48 hours (excluding busy periods and weekends) You will get an email once your order has been shipped so you know it’s on the way.

    That all depends on where you are but we put together this handy page so you can have an estimated time of arrival!

    Don’t worry, we all make mistakes. Best thing to do is get in touch by emailing customersupport@westbarnco.comas soon as possible. If we haven’t already shipped it, we can change the address for you. If we have shipped your order, our customer service team will explain the next steps.

    Returns and Refunds

    If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your product (which is rare as we pride ourselves on quality) please contact us on

    We are so sorry if this is the case! Drop an email to and our customer support team will sort out any problems you have.

    We are genuinely sorry to hear that. If you send an email to, we can have a chat about what went wrong and how it can be fixed.


    All orders to the EU placed on or after 1st January 2021 will be subject to tax & duty charges.

    Orders valued at under €22 will remain part of the Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) Scheme for items sent to the EU and are not subject to VAT or duties until 1 July 2021 (subject to further extension date to be set by the EU).

    Orders sent to the EU over €22 and below €150 may be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country.

    Orders sent to the EU over €150 may attract VAT, customs duties and a clearance/handling fee

    The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.

    The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country. We cannot advise on what these may be, you can contact the embassy or customs authority of the destination country for help, either directly or via their websites.

    Before delivery, you will be contacted by your country’s customs department or your courier to pay these charges. You will not receive your order without paying these charges. 

    When returning a product to us, you must clearly state on the parcel ‘UK Return – All Tax & Duties Paid’ – If we receive a return, where this information has not been made clear and taxes & duties have been charged, we will not accept the return and it will be the customers responsibility to clear these charges.